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How to buy $STAR TOKEN?: Recommendation

To access the PRE-SALE, you must create an account in REGISTER+KYC at and fill out all the information correctly, then once a StarMet administrator verifies your account you will be able to log in and make a $STAR TOKEN Purchase .

Recommended Portfolio: PHANTOM (Google Chrome extension for desktop or mobile, download the PHANTOM App)

Recommended payment method “SOLANA BLOCKCHAIN”:  U S D C or S O L

Minimum purchase: 8,000 $STAR TOKEN (equivalent to $160 U S D C  phase 3).

Maximum purchase: 36,000 $STAR TOKEN (equivalent to $720  U S D C  phase 3).

Find complete information at: WHITEPAPER




During the PRE-SALE, you cannot claim the $STAR token immediately after making the purchase. The VESTING period of $STAR token will begin after finishing the pre-sale/before initial listing on secondary markets, DEX and CEX Exchanges, for which the countdown will be active on our website, to receive your $STAR TOKEN On each launch, the tokens will be sent to the SOLANA wallet that you save in your account at In case you do not save a Solana wallet, they will be sent to the same wallet you used to pay the $. STAR TOKEN in pre-sale.

Beware of scammers! Any announcement should only be taken into account if we announce it on our official social networks. Do not share your secret wallet keys with anyone.

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